Black Olive Ricotta Cheese Stuffed Cherry Peppers 1000g Tray

This pepper which originates from Africa has been growing in our own field in Akhisar. Sweet sharp and bitter taste which comes at last makes the product very special. You can fill the peppers with cheese, tuna fish or vegetable.

  • Made in Turkey
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Our love is olives! That’s why we enjoy combining the pearl of the Aegean, the olive, with our favorite products. Olive, one of the important agricultural products of the Aegean Region, cheers up the morning breakfasts. As Gurme212, of course, we did not deprive our cherry peppers of this magnificent taste. Everyone loves appetizers, and among the appetizers that accompany the best conversations, the most eye-catching one is the cherry pepper. Tea times, breakfasts, meals… The black olive ricotta cheese filled cherry peppers that you will add to your every meal and table will turn your tables into a delightful feast. You will love the taste that this magnificent duo leaves in your mouth. It’s a flavor you’ll want to add to your low-carb diets. You can consume the cherry pepper flavor, which is indispensable in summer, throughout the year and include it in your appetizers. It will provide you with a nutritious meal with its gluten-free content. Not only appetizer lovers, but also children love the stuffed form of these little sweet peppers. Enjoy consuming red cherry peppers in all four seasons. Red cherry pepper is a wonderful vegetable that increases your body resistance with the capsaicin it contains. It opens your mind and reduces your stress. Pepper, rich in vitamin C, strengthens your immunity. What are you waiting for when you have so many reasons to consume cherry peppers? Order now from stuffed cherry peppers suppliers and manufacturer of cherry pepper Gurme212!