Chargrilled Semi Dried Cherry Tomato Halves 1150g Tray

Italian barbecue, not to be confused with American barbecue, is a culinary tradition that has evolved over centuries. This barbecue tradition takes advantage of incorporating vegetables, herbs, filling proteins, bursts of citrus, and plenty of olive oil into mouth-watering summer dishes cooked over an open fire

  • Made in Turkey
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Nothing tastes like barbecued food. Mouth-watering dishes become an incredible flavor when combined with grill. Imagine a juicy cherry tomato with a hint of embers on the outside and juicy inside. Consuming fruits and vegetables by drying is a tradition that has been going on for years. It is not easy to get its quality and dryness right. At Gurme212, our tomatoes are tracked all year long, from seed to table. When tomatoes come to our factory, they are not accepted to the factory without residue analysis by our quality team. Our product is dried in ovens as semi-dried tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes are sweeter than regular tomatoes due to the nature of the product because they are high in natural fruit sugar. Its aroma and taste is much more than normal tomato, and it is also natural without losing its freshness. The taste of cherry tomatoes is enriched with a special marination recipe and reaches your tables. You can safely put our product, which does not contain any preservatives, on your pizzas, inside your pasta, and inside your sandwiches, and you can experiment with different flavors with your children. These semi dried cherry tomatoes will be the most enjoyable way to eat tomatoes for both adults and children. With its delicious spices and slightly sour taste, it will support your various recipes for breakfast. Its naturalness will surprise you.