Cherry Peppers in Barrels with Seeds 100kg Barrel

This pepper which originates from Africa has been growing in our own field in Akhisar. Sweet sharp and bitter taste which comes at last makes the product very special. You can fill the peppers with cheese, tuna fish or vegetable.

  • Made in Turkey
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The hot cherry peppers can be used in place of pimento peppers. However, both in look and flavor, the two should not be mistaken. The best cherry peppers are spherical, but pimento peppers grow in a heart shape and have a higher amount of heat. Cherry peppers look like cherries, but they’re a little hot. They have a rather strong spicy flavor considering their little size. While pimento and cherry chili peppers seem identical, there is a minor variation in flavor. Hot cherry peppers come in two varieties, one with a sharper outer layer and the other with a softer outer layer. Both will have the same amount of juiciness on the inside. The best cherry peppers are versatile and may be used in a number of cuisines. You may top prepared foods with them or add them to the frying pan while cooking. They provide you a lot of freedom since you may choose the degree of spice you desire. To reduce the hotness and spice of your peppers, slice them and remove the inner membrane. In addition to direct toppings, you may mince these peppers for general cookery. Thanks to the bulk cherry peppers option, you can reach more products at affordable prices.