Gurme212 Chili Cherry Peppers 320cc Jar

Gurme212’s new BRC AA canned factory in Akhisar produces cherry peppers, cornichon, kosher dills, mexican jalepeno, macedonian peppers, kardoula peppers, grape leaves and chilli peppers with different recipes in tin,jar,pouch,pet or bucket.

  • Made in Turkey
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No more classic pickles! Chili Cherry Pepper is an ingredient you will never want to miss from your tables. Pickles are indispensable in Turkish cuisine. It is appetizing and facilitates digestion. Cucumbers, cabbage and peppers that come to mind first when it comes to pickles are now replaced by cherry peppers on the shelves. Small red peppers are have a very pleasant bitterness. It tastes bitter but doesn’t kill…

Peppers make any dish spicy, big or small. Small red cherry peppers are not only appetizing with their delicious aroma, but also have a very pleasant bitterness. A taste that you will never want to miss from your tables. You can use it both as a pickle and as an ingredient to accompany your meals. It will go perfectly with meat dishes. In pickled form, these cherry peppers can also be consumed on cheese plates. You can serve with these sweet cherry peppers alongside burgers and sandwiches. You can add color to your meatballs. We are sure that it will suit your appetizer plates very well. Gorgeous color, perfect taste! Meaty and juicy cherry peppers will be indispensable from the first bite. Add extra flavor to your recipes with hot cherry peppers!