Delimatoes Ricotta Cheese Stuffed Cherry Peppers 230g tray – Sun dried tomato

This pepper which originates from Africa has been growing in our own field in Akhisar.
Sweet sharp and bitter taste which comes at last makes the product very special.
You can fill the peppers with cheese, tuna fish or vegetable.

  • Made in Turkey
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This Cream Cheese & Ricotta Stuffed Cherry Peppers recipe makes a delicious dish that is perfect for antipasti or ‘Hor d’oeuvres’. Great for a picnic basket treat. If you’ve never tried Delimatoes Ricotta Cheese Stuffed Cherry Peppers, now is the time to try them!

A feast of taste left by the soft ricotta cheese, followed by the slightly sour taste of sun-dried tomatoes. We carefully follow these sun-dried tomatoes, which will fill you with flavor with a small bite, from their seedlings to your table. We don’t need preservatives or additives to get them that gorgeous color and consistency. We continue our meticulousness, which started with our tomatoes in the field, at every stage. We dry it in the hot Aegean sun and bring it together with our special recipes. To make this indispensable sun-dried tomato flavor even more unique, we top it with ricotta cheese. If you can’t get enough of tomatoes and want to eat it in all seasons, you should definitely try the ricotta-filled form. From breakfast to dinner, you will not be able to miss any of your tables. Sun-dried tomatoes will provide you with a nutritious meal with vitamins A, K, and C, while at the same time satisfying the taste. Here are dozens of reasons for you to consume sun-dried tomatoes with the wonderful taste of ricotta cheese!