Delimatoes Sun Dried Tomatoes 230g Tray

Gurme212 sun-dried tomatoes are in Roma type, longer tomatoes with meaty texture
that have been dehydrated by being placed in the sun for 6-7 days. When they’re dried, tomatoes shrink up, losing 93-94% of their weight from the loss of their water content. From 16kg of fresh tomatoes we produce 1kg of sun dired tomates.
Sun-dried tomatoes are sweet, tangy, and chewy, and used to garnish dishes like salads and pasta.

  • Made in Turkey
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We grow our tomatoes, which we use for our sun-dried tomatoes, in the fertile soils of the Aegean region. Our tomatoes grown as a result of the meeting of our Delimatoes sun-dried tomato seeds with the soil by our experienced farmers are brought to our factory and go through the professional steps of our team. In our factory, we carefully process our tomatoes right after harvest and prepare them with Delimatoes recipes. Our tomatoes, which are freshly picked by hand in the season, dry in the warm sun of the Aegean. Result: We bring the naturalness of the field to your tables.

Nothing’s more delicious than a ripe, sun dried tomato, plucked straight from the farm. An artisanal processing method, seasoned with love and passion. We call this form of tomato Delimatoes sun dried tomatoes. Let’s face it, tomato, with its delicious taste on the palate, suits breakfast tables the best. Dried tomatoes that will add color to your breakfast recipes are with you in Delimatoes’ ready-to-eat tray packaging. If you wish, you can marinate it with various spices, or you can use it for your salads. Dried tomatoes are a flavor unique to the Mediterranean. You can eat dried tomatoes, which are indispensable in Italian dishes, as a snack, add them to pasta, meals, serve them as a tasting in olive oil, and use them in salads. It’s all up to your taste and creativity. We guarantee that it will be one of the indispensable products of your kitchen! Sun-dried tomatoes with natural taste are on your tables with the naturalness of Delimatoes!