Eggplant (Aubergine) Bruschetta Topping 1150g Tray

Fire-roasting simply means cooking over an open flame. … The basic idea of fire-roasting is exposing a vegetable (usually bell or/and capia pepper, eggplant or onion) to fire so that the flame blisters and slightly blackens the skin of the food. These skin is cleaned during the process. Remaining veg will have high natural smoked flavour and smell.

  • Made in Turkey
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Eggplant is among the foods we desire to eat the freshest of all seasons. It is a side ingredient of meals and indispensable for yoghurt. Nothing can replace fire-roasted eggplant. The shell of the eggplant cooked in the flames swells and attains the high natural smoked aroma and alluring scent. The combination of eggplant with roasted pepper and garlic flavor is legendary. This mix creates delicious recipes. It is quite common to serve aubergine bruschetta with meat dishes, which is the leading recipe for appetizers and appetizers with its fragrant smell. Before serving your delicious roasted peppers, spread it on a plate and place the meat on it. You will love the harmony of these two flavors. Bruschetta is a common bread recipe served as an appetizing pre-dinner snack. You can also add any breakfast ingredients you want to the eggplant bruschetta that you spread on your sliced ​​and fried bread. We have combined the classics of eggplant, roasted pepper and garlic in a single product for you. If you are interested in Italian cuisine, you should definitely try our product with this recipe. Bruschetta, which is insatiable to eat with its taste! If you want to buy eggplant bruscehatta wholesale, do not forget that you need to contact us. Aubergine bruschetta manufacturer Gourmet212. Augbergine bruschetta is produced by Gurme212 companies and reaches your tables.