Green Sliced Jalepeno Peppers in Barrels 100kg Barrel

Gurme212’s new BRC AA canned factory in Akhisar produces cherry peppers, cornichon, kosher dills, mexican jalepeno, macedonian peppers, kardoula peppers, grape leaves and chilli peppers with different recipes in tin,jar,pouch,pet or bucket.

  • Made in Turkey
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Jalapenos sliced bulk, a delicious vegetable of Mexican origin, is a type of pepper consumed in green and red colors according to its ripening time. These peppers have a more juicy structure than other pepper kinds, which vary in color and size according on the ripening season. If you slice jalapeno peppers into the pickles you prepare with vegetables such as cucumber, beans, tomatoes, cabbage, it will add a slightly bitter taste to your pickles. You can also consume jalapenos sliced bulk as plain pickled jalapeno peppers. Today, pickled jalapeno peppers, prepared by food brands that produce pickles and offered to pickle lovers, will be one of the pickles you will love to consume. At the same time, you can choose jalapeno peppers to prepare delicious sauces with your meals. You can order quality jalapeno pepper products produced by reliable food brands after getting information about jalapeno wholesale prices. You can take advantage of payment opportunities that fit your budget by adding the product to your cart to buy it now. If you place your order, the product will be packaged in accordance with the safe packaging system and delivered to your address in a short time safely.