Gurme212 Sweet Picante Cherry Pepper A10 Tin

This pepper which originates from Africa has been growing in our own field in Akhisar. Sweet sharp and bitter taste which comes at last makes the product very special. You can fill the peppers with cheese, tuna fish or vegetable.

  • Made in Turkey
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When summer comes, small red peppers wink at us on the stalls. What makes these peppers, which are appetizing with both their color and appearance, special is the sweet and sharp taste that comes after eating. When you see the color, size and shape of cherry peppers, you will realize that they are unlike any pepper you have seen before. Small peppers offer a rich and sweet flavor. We grow these tiny peppers of African origin in our own field in Akhisar. We take care of our cherry peppers, whose adventure we accompany from the seed, until the harvest time. We only accept pesticide-free peppers into our factory. The peppers, whose seeds are carefully removed, get rid of the bitterness and become peppers ready to be filled. Sweet brine is used for bulk cherry peppers. As you can consume with filling material, peppers that are not satisfying on their own can accompany every meal. You can stuff these peppers with curd cheese or ricotta cheese according to your taste. They’ll sparkle amongst the appetizers. Sweet, tiny cherry pepper bombs! Add color to pizza, pasta, salad or hors d’oeuvre. Push the limits of your imagination while consuming these cherry peppers. It is an appetizing starter product. In addition to cheese, try it with ingredients such as tuna and ham. The only ingredient needed for hearty and incredibly delicious recipes! Top it off with your favorite toppings or simply enjoy the simple sweet cherry pepper flav