Gurme212 Thistle 2000cc Jar

Thistle is perhaps one of the most famous herbs of the Aegean Region, especially in Turkey. Thistle which is native to the Mediterranean and belonging to the daisy family, is a plant that is loved and used in neighboring kitchens as well as in our country. Thistle which is thorny plant in its natural, becomes ready to be used as a flavor and  source of healing  after it is cleared of its thorns. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and used as an alternative medicine method in many fields in the past. Thistle was used by the ancient Greek people for the treatment of chickenpox, measles and various skin diseases. It is a source of healing for many diseases, from the treatment of respiratory diseases to strengthening memory and it is still in use today. It contains plenty of magnesium, calcium and iron minerals. Thistle has a thorny-hairy structure and is therefore a difficult plant to sort out. This product, which we have carefully selected and cleaned, will make you say where to buy Milk Thistle. With this form, you can add it to your salads or cook it with your meat dishes that you will love as an appetizer. It is a plant that is insatiable in its taste in every way. . We offer a solution to the question of where to buy thistle farms products as Gurme212. Buy milk thistle and get a taste of this medicinal plant in its most delicious form.

  • Made in Turkey
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