Marinated Green Olives with Sun Dried Tomato 2650cc Jar

Akhisar where Gurme212 factory located produces Turkey’s two-thirds of edible olives. According to the detection of the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Union, Akhisar has 25,000,000 olive trees. The structure of the soil and climate maket he tste and value of olive perfect. An important part of table olives exported to Europe from Turkey is from Akhisar olives.

  • Made in Turkey
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Those who love the harmony of dried tomatoes, olives and olive oil, let’s take you here! Think of a salad, you will not get enough of it and it will have a delicious taste. Here is the delicious olive salad with sun-dried tomatoes! Olive is one of the important agricultural products of the Aegean and Mediterranean Regions. Breakfast tables cannot be imagined without olives. Olives, which are grown with a lot of effort all year, are collected and their seeds are removed to beautify our breakfasts. Handcrafted olives are pickled and sliced. This wonderful flavor is not only marinated, but also the freshest tomatoes picked in the season are dried under the Aegean sun. It meets with a delicious olive salad. You will want to dip your bread in this mixture, which your guests will love for breakfast. This product will be indispensable not only for breakfasts but also for salads. If you wish, crown the magnificent appetizer tables you have set up, it will be an insatiable feast in every way. Try this product, which can accompany delicious pastries, as a decoration material for pasta. A complete feast of taste. Combining the eye-catching color and palate-enjoying flavor of dried tomatoes with the indispensable olive of the table, it will be one of your favorite snacks to eat with warm bread. Buy in bulk this green olives with sun dried tomato from Gurme212. Bulk pitted green olives, prepared from the most valuable olives of Akhisar, are the choice of the best chefs.