Organic IQF Oven Semi Dried Red Tomatoes Diced 10kg Box

Oven semi dried tomatoes are closer to natural tomato taste when it is compared with sun dried tomatoes. The semi dried tomatoes are more juicy and lighter in color, and are also sliced to Venice gondol shape. Slow roasting takes place in highest technology (machine learning system driven) ovens for 6-7 hours with low temperatures. IQF Semi dried tomatoes after defrost preserve their taste in flavored oil with herbs up to 60 days without any preservatives.

  • Made in Turkey
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Our contracted farmers take care of our tomatoes, which they plant throughout the season, like the apple of their eye. Tomatoes are picked when ripe and immediately arrive at our factory. The tomatoes we monitor from seed to harvest are ready for cutting and baking. Tomatoes are semi-dried in the oven, IQF, sliced ​​into cubes and packed in bulk boxes. Our organic dried tomatoes, which do not need any preservatives, are therefore nutritious and preserve their natural taste. Semi-dried tomatoes contain all the flavor of tomatoes, so they are quite enjoyable to eat. You can consume it alone or try it by marinating it in oil with spices. You can use these practical diced tomatoes in all kinds of dishes and sprinkle them on pizza, pies, bruschetta, and salads. It is surprisingly good in harmony with sandwiches and pastas. It can be used as a decoration material as well as suitable for making delicious sauces. Tomatoes are very rich in lycopene, antioxidants, vitamins A, C, B1 and B2, and potassium. You’ll want to add this amazing product to every recipe you have. It will be your secret of taste at every table. Organic certification is an important certification for dried tomatoes suppliers. You can consume our organic certified tomatoes with peace of mind and offer them to your loved ones. Sun-dried tomatoes with natural taste, Delimatoes are on your tables with their naturalness. The naturalness of its taste as well as its appearance will surprise you. Although it is difficult to bring fresh tomatoes to your table every season, thanks to Gurme212, it is possible to reach the most delicious tomato in every season