Oven Dried Black Olives 5kg Pouch

Akhisar where Gurme212 factory located produces Turkey’s two-thirds of edible olives. According to the detection of the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Union, Akhisar has 25,000,000 olive trees. The structure of the soil and climate maket he tste and value of olive perfect. An important part of table olives exported to Europe from Turkey is from Akhisar olives.

  • Made in Turkey
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Oven dried black olives are the dried product produced by using fresh olives and obtained as a result of production. Fresh olives contain around 80% water before drying. As a result of drying, 1 kg of oven dried black olives is obtained by using approximately 5 kg of olives. During drying, the core of the product remains. For this reason, the nutritional values ​​of dried olives, especially carbohydrates, vitamins, protein, and fat, have increased significantly. Dried olives are sold by trader black olives and produced by drying the fresh product under suitable conditions after the necessary pre-processing. As a result of drying, the evaporation of the water in the dried product remains and the essence of the product remains, and the nutritional values, vitamins, active ingredients, in naturally dried olives increase much compared to its fresh natural state. There is a great difference between consuming the same amount of fresh olives and consuming dried olives in terms of nutritional values, but in terms of benefits, except for exceptional cases, it can be said that natural fresh olives are good for what dried olives are beneficial for the same issue. You can use the buy bulk black olives option to purchase this product.