Private Label ALDI Chargrilled Mixed Vegetables 280g

Roasting on fire simply means cooking on an open flame. The basic idea of roasting on a fire is to set a vegetable (usually bell pepper and/or capya pepper, eggplant or onion) on fire so that the flame bubbles up and slightly darkens the crust of the food. Such skin is cleaned during the procedure. The remaining vegetable will have a high natural smoked aroma and smell. Grilled Vegetables make a great healthy dish or a colorful starter. This exquisite product is like your own homemade vegetable appetizer. An exquisite color mixture consisting of a mixture of vegetables collected only in season! These vegetables do not need any preservatives until they come to your table. It is healthy and satisfying. This ember-flavored appetizer, in which vegetables store all their flavor, will help you easily prepare rich menus. These chargrilled mix vegetables, which will be indispensable for vegetarians, offer a snack solution. Mixed vegetables decorated with various spices and fresh herbs can be a main dish on their own, or they can be a flavor-enhancing accompaniment to the dishes. It is a great side dish to accompany chicken and fish dishes or to serve with meat. Grilled vegetables are light and versatile because they don’t need extra oil. Vegetables that are grilled on the outside are still soft on the inside. Spices are the flavor key to grilled zucchini. You can turn mixed grilled vegetables with your favorite spices into a feast. If you wish, buy vegetable stew mix bulk.

  • Made in Turkey
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