Gurme212 Roasted Tomato Dip 255cc Jar

Among all the dishes that decorate the table, the detail that adds extra flavor to them is undoubtedly the sauce. It is the sauce that makes even pasta good most of the time. The most beautiful detail that makes you love chips and eat pasta is dip sauce! The dip sauce flavor that everyone loves is getting giant with roasted tomato. If you want to add a new sauce to your dip sauce repertoire, you are at the right place. Roasted tomato dipping sauce gets its delicious taste from semi-dried tomatoes in the oven. This unique product will be at the beginning of your party appetizers. Roasted tomato dip, which you can’t get enough of dipping chips, will be a great alternative to dipping bread for breakfast. Bread, crackers, crostini, and deep-fried vegetables… You’ll love this roasted tomato sauce not only for its taste, but also for its ingredients. We’re sure that it will also be kids’ favourite dip with chips. You can offer the completely vegan and gluten-free dip sauce to your loved ones with peace of mind. Gurme212 processes the summer tomatoes, tracks from seed to harvest, in its most natural form without using any additives, processes it with its own recipes and makes them ready to eat while preserving all their nutritional values. Roasted tomato creates a flavor explosion by keeping the unique aroma of the tomato completely in it. This delicious and completely healthy dip sauce is a basic party appetizer or a quick breakfast option.

  • Made in Turkey
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