Gurme212 Semi Dried Cherry Tomatoes 255cc jar

Turkish cuisine is largely the heritage of Ottoman cuisine, which can be described as a fusion and refinement of Central Asian,
Middle Eastern, Eastern European and Balkan cuisines. Gurme212’s dream is to show the secret tastes like Hatay’s zahtaar ,
Antakya’s pomegranite mollasses, Izmir ‘s thistle, Kastamonu’s siyez bulgur to the world gastronomy.

  • Made in Turkey
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Our tomatoes are tracked throughout the year, from seed to table. When tomatoes come to our factory, they are not accepted to the factory without residue analysis by our quality team. Cherry tomatoes are sweeter than normal tomatoes due to the nature of the product. Natural fruit sugar is high. Every tomato when it comes to the factory cannot become the final product without seeing Baker Erbil and Ramazan to be dried. Our product is dried in ovens as semi-dried tomatoes. Compared to normal tomatoes, its aroma and flavor are much more natural, without losing its freshness. The taste of cherry tomatoes is enriched with a special marination recipe and they reach your tables!

Ideal as an aperitive together with delicious salad, pasta, pizza and many more. Use your imagination in the kitchen with these cute semi dried cherry tomatoes. Ready to eat semi dried cherry tomatoes in oil.

You can safely put our product, which does not contain any preservatives, into your sandwiches and experiment with different flavors with your children. We leave the choice to you in this wide world of usage, and we call the kitchen with skillful hands. The naturalness of its taste as well as its appearance will surprise you.