Gurme212 Sun Dried Tomatoes in Oil 320cc – Strips Jar

Tomatoes are the invisible hero of every table from breakfast tables to meals. Nothing gives the taste of dried tomatoes under the summer sun. Towards the end of the summer season, the rush for winter preparation begins. Tomatoes collected in the summer are dried under the Aegean sun and carefully packed for those who long for the winter. There is a strong agricultural and quality team behind the tomatoes that will be in the package. Tomatoes, which our agriculture team follows from the seed, go through a meticulous control process. We don’t need any colorants and preservatives to provide this unique taste in Gurme212 tomatoes. Because our sun-dried tomatoes get their color and aroma from nature, from the sun, from the soil, from our fresh tomatoes. Gurme212, which provides an alternative to where to buy sun dried tomatoes in oil, marinates these unique tomatoes for you. Those who prefer sun-dried tomatoes in their simplest form do not need to search for an alternative where to buy sun dried tomatoes not in oil. Dried tomatoes for every taste are possible at Gourme212. The sun-dried tomato flavor, which you can’t get enough of to eat on the breakfast tables, is crowned with olive oil. So if you are looking for where to buy sun dried tomatoes in olive oil, you are at the right place. Gourmets who say where can i buy sun dried tomatoes in oil always prefer the same. Buy sun dried tomatoes in olive oil and enjoy the taste of naturalness at every meal.

  • Made in Turkey
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