Teos Farm Sun dried tomatoes 2500g Doypack

Tomatoes, which we will miss a lot in winter, are dried in sun.  It is packaged as eatable in all seasons and you can’t get enough of the fruits and vegetables consumed in season. When we long for summer tomatoes in the winter months, we start looking for an answer to the question of where to buy Sun Dried Tomatoes. Since we grow 25,000 tons of fresh tomatoes on our own farms, we call our farms Teo’s Farm. How do you buy sun dried tomatoes when our sun dried tomatoes are made from tomatoes that taste so natural? Choose Teo’s Farm and buy sun dried tomatoes in bulk if you wish. Almost all Turkish Chefs who are looking for an alternative to where can i buy sun dried tomatoes in Turkey know that we offer them an exquisite taste with tomatoes from Teo’s Farm. Teo’s Farm’s sustainability starts in the field and continues until our factory, where we produce with 100% solar energy. Undoubtedly, the most important step of the food industry is quality control. The quality of Teo’s Farm tomatoes comes from the amazing quality team behind it. Our agriculture team works hard from the field to the factory so that our quality team can bring you the highest quality products. Don’t think how to buy Sun Dried Tomatoes. Buy sun dried tomatoes with Teo’s Farm, the choice of the best chefs. . We always have an alternative to the question where to buy sun dried tomatoes near me. The most delicious sun-dried tomatoes with Teo’s Farm are always near you!

  • Made in Turkey
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