Gurme212 Premium Stuffed Grape Leaves 2000g Tin

Greek style Stuffed Grape Leaves are one of the most iconic recipes of Greek cuisine. Although there are many varieties, it is the most commonly consumed form without meat. Our agricultural team accepts only pesticide-free and early harvest Grape Leaves from the Aegean Region in these tins. The most special Grape Leaves collected in summer meet with the most beautiful recipe of Gurme212 and filled with a delicious mixture. There are dozens of varieties of Stuffed Leaves, from serving with yoghurt to mixing with meat. But nothing tastes as good as Grape Leaves with rice stuffed with cinnamon and currants. The most remarkable appetizers Stuffed Grape Leaves; It becomes the most popular dish of the tables. This stuffed Grape Leaves will be the favorite of the Stuffed Grape Leaves enthusiasts, with its nutritious and content of currant and cinnamon. Prepare delicious table for your guests with this unique product by serving it with appetizers or main dishes. Stuffed Grape Leaves have a centuries-old history. Lebanese Stuffed Grape Leaves are one of the most preferred among hundreds of appetizers. The combination of leaf wrap with cinnamon and currant, which has different varieties in Turkey, Greece and the entire Middle East, have special premium package for gourmets. The best way to enjoy seasonal recipes for 4 seasons is Gourme212 with ready-to-eat products possible.

  • Made in Turkey
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