Gurme212 Ricotta Cheese Stuffed Cherry Peppers with Sun Dried Tomato 300cc Jar

Gurme212’s new BRC AA canned factory in Akhisar produces cherry peppers,
cornichon, kosher dills, mexican jalepeno, macedonian peppers, kardoula peppers,
grape leaves and chilli peppers with different recipes in tin,jar,pouch,pet or bucket.

  • Made in Turkey
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The most suitable ingredient for cherry pepper is undoubtedly ricotta cheese. As Gurme212, we couldn’t get enough of this, and we said “why not double this flavor with sun-dried tomatoes.” These ricotta cheese and sun dried tomato stuffed cherry peppers will give you the flavor of sun dried tomatoes and peppers at the same time.

Cherry peppers collected during the season of the Aegean region are pickled, then carved, filled with Ricotta cheese and our specially prepared mortar with dried tomato particles, adding flavor to your tables. We gathered the cherry pepper, the benefits of which will not end, and the sun-dried tomato, which gives you the most delicious taste of tomato, in a single product, and it turned out very well! The meeting of seasonally picked cherry peppers and tomatoes with soft ricotta cheese! Prepare appetizers with a difference with these delicious stuffed cherry peppers. Enjoy the taste by keeping your form with its low carb and nutritious content. Cherry pepper stuffed with ricotta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes produced by Gurme212, one of the pioneers of the sector with the products we produce, will be one of the sought-after flavors in your kitchens.