Mediterranean ingredients for Industry
Gurme212 supplies Mediterranean ingredients with our customer specific customization. We clearly understand that each of our industry customer has his own recipe. We produce as per agreed specifications. Diced accurately to the millimetre with the right moisture content, and chilled or frozen. Our Mediterranean ingredients will satisfy all your requirements. In our facility we have >25 food engineers and technologists.

What makes Gurme212 outstanding?
>We are the market leader in dried tomatoes
>We can supply ingredients within 2-4 weeks in Europe.
>We are BRC certified with AA Grade.
>Custom products tuned to your recipe
>Delivery guarantee and quality
>At Gurme212 we can guarantee deliver quickly. Thanks to our large stocks, as well as our quick and flexible production line. Express orders, extra customisation or different packaging are no problem for us. Our control of the entire supply chain (from farm to fork), allows us to guarantee high quality Mediterranean ingredients.

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Custom Mediterranean ingredients
Our wide product range ensures that we can customise your ingredients to exactly what you need. In that way, your production line can keep running at full speed.

Gurme212 Supply Guarantee (Multiple Distribution Centers in USA and Europe
We are well known for our extensive stocks and convenient delivery options with annual contracts up to 12 months shipping plans.
We can usually ship semi-finished and ready-made materials within 2 weeks from factory, 48 hours from USA (NJ,Kearny) or Europe (Bremen,Germany) warehouses.
We are very flexible, which means that we can handle express orders well, and boost capacity. Our goal is your continuity.

User friendly bulk packaging
We adapt our bulk packaging to suit your production process and volumes. Packaging can vary form 10 litre buckets and user-friendly sacks right down to smaller spray bottles. In cases of larger volumes, we can facilitate supply in full pallets or full trucks with tanks or containers. We are always striving for the minimum possible waste material from our packaging.

Gurme212 Quality
We go to great lengths in our quest to supply top quality products. That is why we know our entire supply chain and every employee, their responsibility and whether they are working according to the current guidelines. Quality is part of our company culture, and one of our primary values. A product only leaves our doors when it is perfect.

Organic production
We also offer organic importing to European union with our organic certified warehouses in Avignon France and Bremen Germany.