Delimatoes Chargrilled Marinated Semi Dried Peppers Rainbow Colors 1150g Tray

Our oven semi dried, oven roasted vegetables taste like a concentrated natural veggy taste. Eggplant (aubergine), zucchini (courgette), pepper and onion are most popular ones.

  • Made in Turkey
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Oven semi-dried vegetables have a concentrated natural vegetarian flavor. The peppers that we long for in the winter are harvested in their freshest form in the summer. It is semi-dried in the oven. It is packaged in edible form all seasons. Even if you find it difficult to find fresh pepper in winter, Delimatoes offers you the flavor of fresh red pepper, semi-dried and grilled. The soft consistency of semi-dried pepper, which has all the flavor in it, and its charred smell when it meets the grill will be indispensable for the tables. You will love the taste of chargrilled marinated semi dried peppers on the palate. You can serve these peppers with yoghurt and serve as an appetizer, adding them to your salads or pastas. Use your imagination in the kitchen with this exquisite product! What makes peppers indispensable, which preserves the same flavor in every product, is that they do not need additives and colorants. Eye-catching chargrilled dried peppers with their rainbow look take their color and aroma from freshness. Peppers that are always ready to be consumed with their meaty texture and sliced ​​form. All-natural and delicious peppers will take your cooking to a different level. Peppers, which not only add flavor, strengthen the immune system. The vitamin C it contains strengthens the body. Since it contains antioxidant vitamins, it delays aging, protects the body against infections, and helps in cleaning our body. It is important for cardiovascular health.