Gurme212 Green Olives Stuffed with Almond 500cc jar

Akhisar where Gurme212 factory located produces Turkey’s two-thirds of edible olives. According to the detection
of the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Union, Akhisar has 25,000,000 olive trees. The structure of the soil and
climate maket he tste and value of olive perfect. An important part of table olives exported to Europe from Turkey is from Akhisar olives.

  • Made in Turkey
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Don’t say “How can there be almonds in olives”! Don’t say that before you taste this unique  product. Naturally fermented green olives unique to Akhisar are pitted and whole almonds are placed inside. Once you start eating these almond stuffed olives you will never be able to stop.

It is fermented with water, salt and lemon salt, which is a natural process unique to the Akhisar region. Then the kernel is removed and almonds are placed inside. It is among our most admired products with its unique taste. It is a special olive product obtained by stuffing almonds into large-grained green olives of the Domat type. It is packaged and delivered to you in hygienic environments. In addition to adding new flavor to your breakfast tables, you can also use it in salads and appetizers. It is a powerful antioxidant due to its high vitamin E content and helps to remove toxins accumulated in the body. You can use almond-filled olives, which offer different tastes as well as classic olive varieties, in many different ways, from your breakfasts to your salads. Our recommendation is to experience the unique harmony of almonds and olives, accompanied by a slice of whole grain bread and Tulum cheese. After opening, store in its own brine in the refrigerator until consumption.