Delimatoes Slow Roasted Cherry Tomatoes 230g Tray

Oven semi dried tomatoes are closer to natural tomato taste when it is compared
with sun dried tomatoes. The semi dried tomatoes are more juicy and lighter in color,
and are also sliced to Venice gondol shape. Slow roasting takes place in highest
technology (machine learning system driven) ovens for 6-7 hours with low temperatures.
}IQF Semi dried tomatoes after defrost preserve their taste in flavored oil with herbs up to 60 days without any preservatives.

  • Made in Turkey
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If you are a cherry tomato lover and want something delicious… You must try our Slow Roasted Cherry Tomatoes. With their tiny size, these cherry tomatoes appeal to your palate as well as our eyes.

Cherry tomatoes taste best in summer when they are at the peak of maturity. The good drying process makes them super sweet without spoiling their form. They are juicy and full of aroma. Drying is the best way to preserve delicious summer tomatoes. These semi-dried cherry tomatoes are one of the best things you’ll ever eat. Dried cherry tomatoes can be consumed at any time of the year and taste great. Semi-dried cherry tomatoes, which are a good garnishing choice for pizzas, also match perfectly with salads. You don’t need any extra ingredients for delicious recipes with sweet and charming cherry tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes, which we look after as the apple of our eye, from the seed to the table, whose quality is monitored throughout the year, are combined with our special recipes. It is also very easy to feed your children tomatoes with this product, which you can add to your hot meals, pasta, sandwiches and hamburgers. These tomatoes, whose benefits and taste do not end by counting, are good for diabetes and beautify the skin. It reduces cholesterol levels and helps you detox with its vitamin C and antioxidants. Come on, take a bite, enjoy the naturalness, taste and beauty!